Emily the Sleep Talker

Since we moved into our new house (about five years ago), Emily and I have shared a room, and not just a room, but a queen sized bed. While not my preferred arrangement, the bed is super comfortable, and if Emily's feet come close to mine, I just kick them. One of the perks of this particular arrangement, however, is the incredible conversations I have with my sister . . . when she's sleeping.

She's always been a sleep talker, and when we shared a room before, she'd fight with me in her sleep. And she still sleep talks. Ha.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to bed about an hour after Em, and when I started clearing off the bed, she started chatting it up. She sat up, with her eyes opened (yeah, kind of creepy), and asked me, "Hey is it your turn yet?"

I paused; I smiled; I answered, "Yeah, I just went."

"What number are you?"

"Oh, I'm number 7."

"What number am I?"


"Oh, did I miss a turn?"

"Yeah, you had to go to the bathroom."

Then she heard John fiddling around on his guitar in the next room (don't ask me why John was playing his guitar at midnight).

"What's that noise?"

"Oh that's the timer. It's Cheyne's turn now."

Then she went back to sleep. Hahahaha.

I love sleep-talker Emily. . . . Except when she shakes me in the middle of the night to warn me about the snake, like last night. I didn't like that so much.


emily said...

Though I have no recollection of said game we were playing, in which you made me number 12, but if you had seen the snake I saw last night, you would be thanking me for warning you.

brooketolman said...

I'm glad you have experience with sleep talkers because you'll be sharing a room with an avid one in the fall. Lucky you!

Denise said...

It makes good fodder for party stories!

And I'd want someone to warn me if there was a snake in the room!

Petey said...

Ha ha ha! I remember when we were kids and emily had a dream about pants and socks and she talked in her sleep. when i asked her the nextr morning if she had been dreaming about socks and pants she said "ya! how'd you know?"
When I visit my family in Texas, Maren and I share a similar sleeping arrangement. And sometimes Maren talks in her sleep, or laughs, or just pats my leg.

Diana said...

That is so very funny!

Susan said...

Oh dee, this brings back memories!

When I was a teenager, I shared a room with Aunt Patricia. She would shake me and make me stand up and then tell me that I breathed too loud! I don't think I had any deviated septum issues or anything and I don't snore, so what the? And she would be mad! Then, she would just go back to bed and I would be standing in the room wondering what was going on!

Then when I got married, Fred would talk in his sleep often in Spanish! That was just irritating!
He's stopped that now, but both of these past "issues" still haunt me!

Go easy on Em!

michelle said...

HA! That is hilarious, especially the snake part (since I am sleeping far away, of course).

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