Emily and I are both unemployed and decided to take advantage of an otherwise bummer situation. We watched all five Harry Potter movies in one week. We initially wanted to watch one a day Monday through Friday, but come Friday, we had a crazy day and couldn't. Saturday was crazy. But Sunday let us finish our HP goal.

We critiqued each movie and made comparisons of the film adaptations to the books, which both of us know freakishly well. I felt incredibly dorky, but it was fun. Here are our summarized opinions:
  • HP 1, Sorcerer's Stone: Pretty low quality. Acting pretty poor but hilarious. Dumbledore awesome. Quidditch pretty cool. Hogwarts warm feel.
  • HP 2, Chamber of Secrets: Still kind of low quality. Acting a little better but still. Dumbledore still cool. Basilisk pretty cool. Lockhart hilarious.
  • HP 3, Prisoner of Azkaban: Lamest one. Too fast. Creepy Rastafarian head in Knight Bus. Not such a fan of Sirius. Trelawny (Emma Thompson) hilarious. Dumb way of portraying werewolf. Lupin pretty good. Dementors pretty good. New Dumbledore--adjustment. Glad when it ended.
  • HP 4, Goblet of Fire: By far better than 3. Fast paced but not too fast. Quidditch World Cup awesome. Death Eaters scary. Cedric Diggory dreamy. Dragon sweet. Voldemort frightening. Overall awesome movie.
  • HP 5, Order of the Phoenix: Super super awesome. Loved it. Kept the viewer involved. Umbridge nasty. DA cool. Harry-Cho kiss impressive. Dumbledore and Voldemort's duel pretty awesome. Harry's possession by Voldemort well acted. Stellar movie.
We're ready for HP 6, Half-Blood Prince. Ha this is what continued unemployment brings--ultimate HP freakishness.


Tyler said...

I'm not sure you can blame all this Harry Potter stuff on unemployment... ;)

michelle said...

That is pretty funny! Now I have to know, did you like #1 when it first came out? Because I loved it, but I can't really remember it now.

I love Lockhart, Trelawny, and Umbridge (in a love to hate way). And of course Dumbledore.

What's with the unemployment situation? sheesh.

Denise said...

If there were ever a Harry Potter trivia game show ala "Millionaire" you could totally win.

Diana said...

You guys are awesome. I can't wait for HP6! It comes out on Lou's birthday. Happy Birthday to Lou!

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