No, I'm Not Twelve

For my birthday, Rachelle bought me concert tickets . . . for the Jonas Brothers. This year I'm turning twenty-two. . . not twelve. Seriously. And we were both legitimately excited. Seriously.

We waited to go into the Pepsi Center with thousands of twelve-year-old girls. Thousands.

We actually had pretty good seats; we could see the JoBros' faces. *dreamy* haha.

These girls sitting in front of us were really cute and had these signs they held up whenever the any of the Jonas Brothers came to our side of the stage.

The screaming, however, was excessive. Our ears were literally ringing by the time we left.

And even though we unashamedly went to the Jonas Brothers concert--and we weren't taking any younger relatives--at times we felt a little silly. Sure we went and sure we sang along and sure we took the free poster from the Verizon vendor outside, but we drew the line at t-shirts with the JoBros' faces on them.

PS--Admittedly I had to listen to legit music when I got home. I can take only so much twenty-first-century boy-band music.


Jill said...

Getting in touch with your inner 12 year old every now and then is fun. It's like when I play 4-square, but different.

michelle said...

It looks like fun! I don't know any of their music, but I know the girls at camp were big fans -- even the 17-year-olds.

Shiny said...

Charlotte...this scares me...a little bit...probably more than a little bit actually...thought Id let you know:)

Miranda said...

I find this...hilarious. Happy 13th Birthday.

emily said...

oh, man.

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