Slow Start

Ha I hope you're enjoying the slew of blog posts today; I don't promise this many a day on a regular basis, but I didn't blog much last week.

Anyway, I've gotten a slow start today. Over the weekend (when I was in Utah) I got violently ill. No worries, all is well, but I did spend the last part of Friday and all day Saturday on the couch. Yesterday I felt mediocre enough to fly home, but today I'm still feeling a little under the weather. Achy mainly, not nearly as bad as Friday. Really, it just was lame to be sick when I was on a trip.

However, a big shout-out to Michelle and Co. and the Loose clan--if I couldn't be home when I was sick, at least I was surrounded by people who made me comfortable and catered to my invalid needs. Thanks :)

I'm hoping to feel more up to scratch tomorrow. Today I'm taking it easy, eating light, and watching season 7 of Gilmore Girls. Being sick is lame.


Denise said...

I'm just glad you're home safe and sound! The image of you on the bathroom floor is a sad one indeed.

Petey said...

Being sick can have its perks

Diana said...

I'm sorry you're sick.
Why were you in Utah?

Susan said...

Yuk! Being sick away from home is one of the worst things ever!

Glad you're home and ready for that big job that's just around the corner!!

michelle said...

Being sick away from home is the worst. I'm glad you're home again and can watch Gilmore Girls. And -- woohoo! -- I have my own label!

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