Five for Friday

So I'm back at Catholic Health Initiatives today and potentially for a lot longer. (One of the receptionists is out on medical leave, so I'm crossing my fingers that I can work here for at least a few weeks.) Thank heaven it's a job, but as of right now, when I don't have other duties besides answering phones and signing for FedEx packages, I get pretty bored. (And for $13 an hour, I'm okay to be bored.) I think I can get away with some reading, which is nice; plus I can blog and read blogs (the company I worked at last week didn't allow access to anything, including blogger and pictures on blogs). I don't have anything in particular to say, but it's Friday, and I'm bored.

1. I've been watching a lot of Quantum Leap lately. It's a funny sci-fi show that follows the "leaps" of Dr. Samuel Beckett, who stepped into the Quantum Leap Accelerator. Now he's trapped in the space-time continuum leaping from life to life, righting what once went wrong. His only companion on his journey is a man named Al, an observer from Sam's own time who appears in the form of a hologram. (I'm doing my best to accurately quote the explanation in the opening of the show.) Anyway, I've been watching several of those reruns and start to rerealize really how dorky this show is . . . but I love it.

2. My temp job today is downtown, so I decided to be bold and brave Denver's public transport system. I haven't ridden the bus since my first days as a teller at Washington Mutual, but it's easy enough. I've heard rumor that some of the buses in the Denver public transportation are pretty ritzy, but the one on 32nd Avenue is not. Fortunately when I got on, there were maybe three other people already in the bus, so I got to sit in a seat by myself. I didn't look at anyone and just read my book. Sure it's a pain to have to be ready and out the door by 6:45, but the forty-five-minute ride into downtown isn't that bad. It's an excuse to just sit and read (I mean, Operation Superhuman Reader needs all the help it can get, right?).

3. The longer I lack steady employment, the more I just want to stay home. I've had pretty good days. I sleep in a bit, leisurely get ready, have some Eggo waffles for breakfast, watch some TV, read some of my book, run errands with Mom, talk on the phone. I mean, this is the life, right? . . . Oh yeah, except that I'm close to broke and still need to finance my last year of college. Easy Street will have to wait, I suppose . . . for a long time . . . a really long time . . . perhaps forever.

4. Sometimes I end up taking naps at 10:30 in the morning. (Reference point 3.) That's just ridiculous.

5. I don't get to pick my lunchtime here. I was told that I'll be taking lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. There are two things wrong with this: 1) Who wants a lunch break at 11:30 in the morning? I'm a late-lunch kind of girl. I figure that I can stick out a longer stretch of boredom in the first part of my day and then have to wait through only a few hours of boredom after lunch. 2) I don't need an hour when I'm off at 4:30. I'd rather get a full eight hours in and take thirty minutes for lunch, but alas, they're forcing an hour lunch on me.


Denise said...

If you find out where Easy Street is, let me know--I'd sure like directions.

michelle said...

Yeah, I wouldn't mind a pointer on how to get to Easy Street myself...

I think riding the bus is perfect reading time!

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