Oh the Flowers at O'Toole's

For Mothers' Day Dad got Mom a gift certificate to O'Toole's flowers, a local flower nursery, and Saturday was the day she got to use it! Early Saturday afternoon, Mom, Dad, John, and I all went over to the nursery and had a blast browsing all the different flowers, greens, and trees. (I was so irritated with myself when I realized I forgot my camera--imagine the missed photo ops. *sigh*) We're going to have to get many more flowers to completely fill up the bed in front of the house, but we got off to a good start.

We spent the an hour or two in the afternoon weeding and prepping the bed for planting the flowers! (I'm not sure about all the specifics of what Mom got--hopefully she'll blog about it soon.) Grandma and Grandpa came over for a few minutes to check out our gardening endeavors. Above is a picture of Grandpa helping John dig out a giant bush root--I can't believe my almost-ninety-year-old grandpa help take on a hardcore bush root.

And I discovered a favorite flower--dahlias. I rooted for Mom to get some of those to no avail. When I got home from the nursery, I looked up more about dahlias to really see if I could put them on my favorites list and decided that I definitely don't like all dahlias. Just the pretty ones. Ha. Some dahlias look weird and spongy and pourus. I only like the ones with actual, full petals (not the ones with the weird spiky petals).

In short, Saturday was a ShamWow day full of flowers--a great way to end May.


michelle said...

I love dahlias! And nurseries. And grandpas who wrangle roots.

Denise said...

I was sure grateful for those Root Wranglers! Now I can't wait to get everything in the ground.

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