MLK Day in the private sector

I've spent pretty much my whole life up to this point as a student, and consequently didn't realize that for the non-educational, non-governmental institutions in this country, Martin Luther King Day is just a regular, run-of-the-mill day.

Bum. mer.

I consoled my quasi-adult self by indulging in some Powell's shopping on an extended lunch break.

Yes, Powell's is that entire building

I bought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Josh and I started listening to it on the drive back to Oregon, but now I can't figure out how to transfer the Audible file to my iPod, thus the purchase of the hard copy) and a Real Simple cookbook.

If being a quasi-adult means that I don't get days off like my former student self used to, then I'll just have to compensate with literary consumerism.

And I might have to go back to Powell's to buy one of those mugs. Seriously, is there anything more perfect for me?

Happy MLK Day, everyone, even if you're no longer a part of the MLK–observing crowd.


michelle said...

Oh, to have access to that kind of consolation! I love Powell's.

I can't believe you don't own one of those mugs yet.

Joanna Galbraith said...

Me likey the new blog header! Also, I can't believe you didn't get MLK day off. Shame on them!

I reeeaaaaallly miss going to bookstores and buying new books. I must make more time for that.

Denise said...

I want a whole set of those mugs! They're so darling--you need a set, too.

Kathy B. said...

I just finished "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". I couldn't put it down. Then I started the next book, and it was super graphic. I am so disappointed! Maybe I can find a "clean" version! :)

jt said...

Yeah, I'm still sicked out by that book/movie... Who doesn't want those mugs??

Laura said...

That is it. I am coming to Portland because I need one of those mugs. Yes, need. Also, I just want to revel in the enormity of that beautiful store.

Claire said...

Students get it off but not every one else? That's weird. And lame.

Jill said...

Those mugs are awesome!

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