a list of thoughts compiled over several days

:: I've decided that Josh's pillow is superior to mine. I told him so and he asked if I wanted to switch. (What a guy, right?) I would feel bad leaving him with my inferior one, but I reserve the right to retroactively accept that offer when my patience with pregnancy aches runs thin.
:: Whose idea was it to pop-ify this song? The original is so much better than the radio remix. Obviously.
:: Does anyone else think that Alexandre Dumas looks like Vernon Dursley?

:: I need chocolate chip cookies. Now-ish.
:: Mr. Babe's kicks are packing more of a punch these days. He's a pretty strong kid. Obviously.
:: It's been a rough week regarding pregnancy discomfort. I've been whiny, and Josh has been nice about it.


Laura said...

I completely agree with everything you said.

Ande said...

What a nice wife you are. When I discovered Joe's pillow was better than mine I switched his pillow with mine, along with the pillow case (mine has a mascara stain, so I always know it's mine) and didn't even say a word. And I'm not even pregnant.

And yes on the Dumas/Uncle Vernon!

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