38 weeks--nesting

Some women I've talked to and books I've read describe nesting as this new instinct for them, the urge that compels them to clean and organize and prepare a pretty and comforting home for the baby. Me? I'm pretty sure that I'm a life-long nester.

I'm a homebody through and through. I love being home and making a home. I love creating a place where my family and I can relax, unwind, and be safe. I love having a haven where I can gear up for my other responsibilities. I've been nesting for years.

The past couple of weeks that I've had to sew and organize and clean and cook and prepare for Babe have been wonderful and also not foreign to me. I've always had those instincts, just not always the time or energy to follow through; the coincidence of those three elements has typically been rare. Now just weeks before Babe's arrival these nesting components have lined up in an invigorating trifecta. It's magnificent.

Other 38-week notes:
:: When I bend over it looks like a circus trick.
:: I drink water all the time.
:: The 100-degree heat we had this last weekend was gross.
:: My wedding ring hasn't fit for the past month or so.
:: My ankles have been looking very doughy. And yet I still wore heels to church yesterday.


A Mitton said...

A) I'm with you on the nesting. I'm already nesting for my new house that I don't even have yet.

2) So sorry about the heat. Super abnormal for Oregon. At least you don't have our humidity.

D) Major props on the heels.

Sarah W. said...

I love you so much big sister! There was a really cute baby in church yesterday, and it just made me even more excited for when Asher is born!

Jill said...

I believe you are a nesting expert!! I share your sympathies!

Ande said...

Let's be bosom buddies, ok? I'm trusting you know all about bosom buddies from Anne of Green Gables. I'm also a nester at heart. I'm so glad you finally get to just nest.

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