kicking off baby month

To kick off the official Baby Month, yesterday I spent four hours running needed errands. The best part of this exhausting day was that I pretty much stuck to what I actually needed to do/buy. I didn't even buy lunch on the go, I was that dedicated.

Some places were a dud.

And some places

were highly successful.

In addition to finding everything I've been needing for nursery projects

I also succeeded in returning a few shirts Josh rejected from my shopping spree a couple of months ago.

Although I came home completely beat I felt great about all I accomplished. Plus I made it through Born and Raised almost three times. I've had many women tell me how they wished they had worked longer because they were bored once they were at home; but me, I have been loving it and have been far from bored. In fact, these past two weeks have flown by, and I'm just hoping I can get everything finished before Babe's debut.


Nikki said...

I will be there soon cant wait to see you!

michelle said...

What?! I have never been bored at home. And, I am jealous of that gray table!

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