Tennis four-square

Racquet air-guitar


Badminton madness

Brownie sundaes

Voodoo Donuts

Over-exposed photos shot in manual


Children's books

And sewing books

Food carts

One day past the due date and still no babe, so I'm sure glad I have so many delightful distractions at the ready. Plus the heat broke on Saturday. Hallelujah. 


Jessica said...

Just thinking about you and wondering how it was going! Looks like the little guy is already taking after Josh- stubborn, and not likely to do what he is told! :) glad you have some fun distractions and a lot of support!

Jill said...

What no pictures of you diving to save the birdie?!

michelle said...

Hallelujah indeed. We had a serious heat wave in Seattle right before/after max was born and I was not happy about it.

I too am glad you have so many good distractions!

michelle said...

p.s. Eva would have been all over that flip book when she was younger! I love children's books. And Powell's.

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