40 weeks--drama queen

At my 39-week appointment the doctor said that not much had changed from the week previous and that he'll see me next week (when I'll be halfway to 41 weeks) to discuss my options. That disheartening news combined with the record-breaking heat has had this 40-week mama giving way to the dramatics.

I've been unabashedly tossing around {hormonal} pronouncements like

:: "I'm going to be pregnant forever!!"
:: "This baby will never come!!"
:: "I'm never going to be comfortable ever again in my whole life!!"

Nevermind the fact that I'm not even technically at my due date.

Those who spend time with me will likely confide that this act is already getting old, but when I go to bed in a sauna and spend 20 minutes trying to find a comfortable position only to have to get up and go to the bathroom, I'd say I can afford a little bit of diva.

Let's hope there's not a 41-week picture. If there is, I might be crying when I take it.


Krista Lowe said...

believe me if there is a 41 week pic you WILL be crying! i went 4 days over and cried all day every day and those quotes came out of my mouth about every ten min! Its really awful and i hope your baby come soon for your sanity's sake!

Laura said...

How is it possible that you are so cute all the time?? You look amazing and I was laughing out loud as I read this. So glad that we're friends.

paws said...

Holy crap! I cannot believe that you don't have A/C!?!

Do you take an ice pack to bed? Tell me you at least have a fan. Has it been cooling down at night? Perhaps you should sleep in a bath full of ice water.

I am seriously bothered in your behalf.

Jill said...

I remember feeling EXACTLY the same way in August as I waited for Landon to arrived after I'd been on bedrest for 6 weeks (reading, which was wonderful). I ended up being induced 11 days early, but I was huge and had been going to the doctor twice a week for nonstress tests so it felt like forever...now he's 14!!!

You can make it!! Send Josh out for some Ben & Jerry's!

erica said...

You can do it Charlotte!!!! You deserve to be a diva :)

michelle said...

Lucas was 5 days late and in August and I really thought I might go insane. One day I had had it and went for a really long walk at sunset. I went into labor late that night!

Here's hoping.

Ande said...

Good news is that you look adorable.

No bad news. Well except for your sad post.

Do you need a fan? Some herbal tea? New running shoes (you know, to jog the baby out)? I've got amazon prime...

John Wood said...

and your name is STUPID!!!

Serin said...

Your belly is adorable! He will come and it will be worth every second (eventually)! Sending patience vibes and labor vibes, take what you need. ;)

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