week's leftovers

:: Sunday we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday. (That's a new badminton set, if you can't tell.)

:: I made his favorite cake, chocolate angel food.

:: I'm still tickled over Josh's post. It's easily been the highlight of my week.
:: All of my pictures this week have been taken on our new Canon Rebel. I love it.

:: The Olympics have been on the TV a lot at our place this week.
:: I've been reading (and crying over) birth stories on my favorite blogs.
:: I did three loads of laundry for baby prep, and it might have been the first (and probably last) time that I didn't hate the process. I've been swooning over the newborn onesies.

:: This has been another week full of nursery projects. I'm starting to feel a little burned out in energy, but I am so. excited. to reveal the nursery when it's complete.

:: I commemorated Harry Potter's birthday this week with brownies and ice cream and a voicemail on Emily's phone in which I sang--from memory--the entire Sorting Hat song from book four (a la Jim Dale).


Jeanette said...

Don't read my birth story. Odds are very good yours will be easier than mine!

Serin said...

Chocolate Angel Food Cake is my favorite too! And I *love* reading birth stories. And I love Jim Dale too. ;)

I'm so excited for you!

Ruxandra said...

It seems like you've had some great days lately, enjoying little things that make you happy :) That cake looks so yummy - I've never had one like that...could you share the recipe, please? I have some free time and doing a bit of cooking&baking might help (that or I'll end up re-reading the Harry Potter books) :)

m.estelle said...

jeff is killing me with that pose

michelle said...

Hooray for your new camera! And chocolate angel food cake.

Ande said...

I love that you know the sorting hat song by heart. So much.

Ande said...

BTWS (only texting acronym I find actually pretty funny) I am making a Harry Potter quiet book (of course). When I finally get the patterns uploaded to PDF format I'll send them to you. You know...because you'll have mountains of time with a new baby.

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