month five

Month five, where do I even begin? Month five involved everything from rolling to solids to sleeping to reaching to standing to bathing. 

:: You read right. Rolling. It happened.
:: He was so startled by what had just happened and mine and Josh's glee that he burst into tears.
:: He repeats the rolling when he feels like it.
:: He doesn't feel like it very often.
:: But it still happens.

:: He likes to sit.

:: But even more he likes us to help him stand.
:: When he stands he wobbles and wiggles those legs until he falls down.
:: And then we pull him back up and it starts all over again.

:: Solids were actually a huge hit.
:: I have pictures.
:: But we started solids right around when his sleeping took a nose dive.
:: So we abandoned rice cereal to focus on the sleeping.
:: Unfortunately, cereal did not seem to have an effect on his sleeping.

:: Asher can recognize his name.
:: And he gets lonely sometimes.
:: Sometimes he'll smile when he sees the camera.
:: And he sticks that tongue out like it's show-and-tell all day every day.

:: He's discovered new sounds, like the cranky croak.
:: He also quite enjoys gurgle conversations.
:: When you join in those conversations with him (with reciprocal gurgling, of course), he lights up.

:: That mop of fuzzy hair is just wonderful.
:: Some hairs that have been there a while are really long and stick straight up.
:: Then he has this new crop of fuzz that's been coming in.
:: Those hairs stick straight up too.
:: His mullet might have to go.
:: Soon.

:: Toes are a new favorite body part.
:: He can even fit them in his mouth.

:: Bath time is the best time.
:: Obviously.
:: He can splash and wiggle.
:: So we have to be extra vigilant in case he tries to wiggle out of his bath seat.

:: Sometimes Asher will flash a secret smile.
:: It's that smile that says, "Mom, Dad, this is just for you, because we're buds. And I know it."

:: I am constantly amazed at how this baby boy interacts with his world--he's learning and growing and moving and loving.
:: I couldn't imagine a better place to be.

1 comment:

Ande said...

He is getting cuter and cuter.

When my niece was at the stand up/sit down stage my brother started saying the words "stand" or "sit" at whichever action she was doing, and smiling and cooing whenever she finished. Then he realized he had inadvertently trained her. She sits and stands on command. Which is kind of awesome. I said that if they added treats the sky was probably the limit.

Good luck with the sleeping thing. For all of your sakes.

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