come in out of the cold

It's been a while since you stopped by for some cocoa, and it's been so cold outside, so how about you come in to warm up a bit? I bought some Penzey's cocoa this year, and you make it with milk. It's quite decadent.

First off, how was your Christmas? Mine was lovely, and at the same time I welcomed the normalcy when real life returned. What about your January? This month is unsolicitously interminable, and I have a hard time believing that there's still a week left in it.

I'd confess that I've started watching Grey's Anatomy for the first time. (Thank you, Netflix.)

If you asked how Asher's sleeping has been, I'd tell you that it's improved, especially his naps. The past four days, though, he's woken up around 6:00 (after waking up a 3:00) and won't go back to sleep. Goodness.

If Asher was napping when you arrived, you'd probably see me pause in whatever was happening and earnestly listen for him. I hear phantom Asher sounds all the time when he's sleeping. All the time.

How has that one thing been going? You know, that thing you're having a hard time with. We talked about it last time, and I've been thinking about you and want to know how you're doing with it.

What are your New Year's resolutions? Do you even make resolutions? I used to pick a word to focus on throughout the year. The past couple of years, though, I haven't picked one. Nothing felt right. I think I've settled on a word for 2013. I don't know if I'll blog about it.

I might confide that lately my shortcomings have been glaring, my faults taking center stage in my mind. It's emotional, battling perceived inadequacies.

The conversation might circle back to TV (let's face it, it's my preferred no-effort entertainment source). First I'd ask if you watch The Mindy Project. If you do we'd share favorite episodes and lines and divulge which doctor we'd prefer: Danny or Jeremy. If you don't, I'd badger you about it until you promise that you will. The Mindy Project is hilarious.

I'd pick your brain for good guy gifts. Josh's birthday is approaching, and he's such an enigmatic giftee that I hoard all my ideas while still having to dole out ideas to friends and family. It's a tough job, being the wife around a birthday.

I have one peanut butter bar left. If I really like you, we'll split it.

Any trips planned for 2013? I'm headed to Denver for a week in March for my mom's birthday. Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about it.

You have to go? That timing worked out. Asher and I need to run something to Josh at work. Don't worry about the dishes. I'll take care of them later. See you soon? Great.


Katie Grosskopf said...

If I lived near by I would definitely come visit. And we'd talk about Greys Anatomy! And I'd want to hold Asher (once he woke up).

Shilah said...

Danny. And how upset were you about Josh? Craig and I were heartbroken. We. Loved. Him.

Shilah said...

Oh! But Morgan is by far our favorite. Hands down.

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