that time I lived across the street from a rock star

Once I lived in Provo, Utah, and I lived in an apartment complex called The Colony. It was like a neighborhood, with separate apartments making up little houses all on its own secluded street. And when I lived there I lived across the street from a rock star.

I should concede, however, that at the time I didn't know he was a rock star, or at least that he would become one. He lived in the building across the street and sometimes practiced with his band when I was trying to read George Eliot. The thumping bass made it very hard to read Middlemarch. I certainly thought him more a nuisance than a rock star.

He went to church with me and was in my assigned Family Home Evening group. And after those weekly get-togethers with our apartments, I would head over to his apartment where I would watch 24 with his roommates.

I'll make no pretense that we were any more than acquaintances. I was friends more with his roommates than I was with him. And frankly, all I knew at the time was that he was in a band that would sometimes play at the local music club, The Velour. Oh, and we were at least somewhat legitimate Facebook friends at the time. (We're still Facebook friends, but I doubt he remembers this girl who lived across the street once and watched 24 with his roommates.)

Four years later I'm driving up the I-5 in Portland, Oregon, and hear the radio host introduce the rock star's band. I listen to the song and think to myself, You know, that's pretty good. And then I think, Hey, I lived across the street from that guy. That almost makes me famous.

You've probably heard him and his band. Imagine Dragons. That's the band: Imagine Dragons. Their most popular song right now is probably this one.

So one day when I'm making my kids listen to stories about my life, I can tell them that when I was in college I lived across the street from a rock star. And they better think I'm awesome for it.


A Mitton said...

My old roommate Danielle is super tight with one of them too, they were good friends in Boston. It's always funny to be around her when people get all excited about Imagine Dragons because she's known him for ages. small world.

Katie Grosskopf said...

I've heard this song on the radio and always liked it! Which one is he?

Marie Cramp said...

Emma loves these guys! We gave her the CD for Christmas :)
How cool that you knew him, I will have to tell her. She will be totally Jealous!! ;)

Camille said...

AAAhhhh I love them!!!! Cool story!

Jill said...

Landon and Lucas are in love with them!!

Samara said...

I love it! I think your kids will think you are awesome for it. But you'd better do whatever you can to help make that band famous so your kids know of them! ;)

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