I gave January a kick in the pants by taking a semi-spontaneous jaunt up to Seattle for a night this week. I have this friend whom I would easily describe as kindred spirit, even though we'd never met. She lives up in Seattle with her husband, Joe, and dog, Chewie, and I basically invited myself and my baby up for a short stay.

{Tulips at Pike Place}

Seattle is only a three-hour drive away, so Asher and I threw some things into a bag or two and headed away on Tuesday afternoon. Most of my short stay we just talked. And talked and talked and talked. Despite our delightful blogging friendship, I will admit to apprehension at actually meeting Ande in person. What if a real-life friendship didn't come as easily as our virtual one? My fears were thoroughly unfounded. Ande is as wonderful in reality as she is in her blog and blog comments, and our conversation flowed as easily as if we'd met years ago.

She was the most gracious of gracious hostesses. She made me tortellini soup and chocolate chip cookies for dinner, and steel-cut oats with pomegranate for breakfast. Late Wednesday morning we went to Pike Place where we wandered and ate donuts and chowder and croissants.

I couldn't have thought of a better way to say farewell to this month and to do so a little bit early. So, January, you lose in the end. I think those tulips prove it.


Krista Lowe said...

I love that you guys are friends! So random, but i couldn't think of a better match!

Jill said...

How delightful to have a road trip to Seattle, get to meet Ande, Joe and Chewie and get to kick January's butt.

The flowers are gorgeous!

Jessica said...

How fun! Isn't the Internet a funny thing? Now you have a wonderful new friend because of it!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yes, yes, I concur - Ande is a grand hostess. I'm so glad you drove up to meet her. She said Asher is so cute and she really enjoyed the visit.

Paula said...

Haven't dropped in in a long time Charlotte. I enjoy your writing and what a beautiful little boy! I think he certainly looks like your husband - but I suspect you already figured that out.

Tulips are a relief for the winter blues. I bought some hydrangeas the other day and feel much better about the whole winter thing.

Have fun with that little guy!

Ande said...

I agree, this was a great Jan. pick me up and end. And you were such a kind guest, I'm still so glad you and Asher came to meet me. You two were absolutely delightful.

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