month four

My cousin Julie had her daughter, Ayla, just two weeks after Asher was born. A week and a half ago Ayla was rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Ayla is now living out her final days and hours in hospice. As I'm sure you can imagine, this news has hit Josh and me hard. My heart has been especially tender these past several days, my emotions closer to the surface. Asher's four-month milestones are now even more precious and fragile to me than they were before. I feel words itching in my fingers that need to be written to help me process and understand this sorrow; you can expect a post on that later this week.

:: This post is over two weeks late, but the pictures are only a week-ish late.
:: Asher's favorite sounds are a really high-pitched squeak and the sound you get when you breathe in while talking. He makes these sounds all the time.

:: He loves smiling and laughing at himself in the mirror.
:: His legs are stronger, which makes for super wiggly diaper changes. If he had his way, he'd launch himself off the changing table every time that dimply bum is free.

:: His four-month stats are as follows: 16 lbs (58th percentile), 26 1/2 inches long (92nd percentile), and a 17-inch head circumference (97th percentile--now that's a big head)

:: Tummy time has seen serious improvement.
:: Meaning, he doesn't cry and rub his face into the ground every time we put him on that chubby belly.
:: In fact, he can stay on his tummy for several minutes before calling it quits.

:: His eyes are the same stormy gray-blue they were at birth. I love them.
:: And I think he might be a toe-head.
:: Josh was a toe-head as a kid.

:: When Asher wants to be held, he'll reach his arms up, arch his back, and flash a smile.
:: He's irresistible.

:: He's quite dexterous. He can take his pacifier out now.
:: But he can rarely put it back in.
:: So you put it back in for him.
:: And then he takes it out.

:: Those fingers. Those slobbery, wet fingers.
:: So. much. drool.
:: Sometimes he tries to fit his entire fist into his mouth.
:: And sometimes he'll even try to double-fist it.

:: Sleeping is, frankly, abysmal.
:: Day or night.
:: But like I said, he's irresistible.


paws said...

He's adorable!

paws said...

PS: Time for sleep training?

Denise Wood said...

I love his hair in the last picture! I love EVERY PICTURE!!

Sandy Cove said...

Oh, I just love the four month photos. He looks so happy!

Natalie Bergin said...

Ian was the WORST sleeper ever. Up every 45 minutes day and night at 4 months old. I went crazy.

I read ALL of the baby sleep books out there.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth.

It changed my life.

Oh and your little man is one adorable little person.

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