short, short stories

:: I felt super Oregonian and granola-y when I went to Whole Foods to buy barley for the babe, with the babe carried in a locally made sling. So there I was buying my barley and steel-cut oats when I gave myself away as a phony by explaining away Asher's aloofness with the fact that he'd just had his shots. The cashier looked at me askance at my confession that yes, I do indeed vaccinate my child.

:: We were walking out to the car after a doctor appointment, and as I'm approaching our parking spot, I see a black Kia Soul start to drive away. I was stunned, thinking that I was watching someone steal my car. Turns out another black Kia Soul parked right next to mine. Crisis averted.

:: Last night when I was working on a sewing project, I found small smears of prunes on it. That's what you get when your sewing space is the same space as the baby eating space, right?

:: I propped Asher up in front of his play-gym (which converts to facing out for this sitting-up babe). He enjoyed it for a few minutes before he toppled backward. When I tried to sit him up again, he staunchly refused and expressly said that he'd rather stand up.

:: I've been cleaning up the mold that grows in our windows and sliding doors. It's gross, and I hate it.


m.estelle said...

laughing so hard.


Ande said...

Your Whole Foods comment made me think of when Ron Swanson goes to a health-food store. So funny.

Also, don't worry about the mold in your windows and sliding doors. I have mushrooms growing in my wood floor next to the door going outside.

Breanna said...

Thank you for vaccinating! I get so upset when my baby is under two months old and susceptible because other people don't vaccinate. We have pertussis outbreaks here way more often than we should.

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