notes from a traveling mother

Last week Asher had his seventh and eighth plane rides, and I've flown as a solo parent for all but one of those flights. (Someone has to stay and work so we can afford to be the jet-setters we are, right?) So, as a relatively experienced single traveling mother, I've learned a few things.

Change that diaper before boarding. I forgot once and had to sit with a stinky, stinky babe until the pilot finally turned off the seat-belt light.

It's OK if your diaper bag is 20 pounds. It may be embarrassing, but I'd rather have 10 diapers and a bagful of toys on hand than be caught unprepared.

You'll never see your fellow passengers again. He may cry or fuss or even scream, and you certainly don't have time to worry about what the other travelers think. Be considerate when you can, but really, once you leave that plane and get your luggage, you'll never see them ever again.

{sleepy fingers, April 2013, lucky mom}

Nursing in public isn't the worst thing. I'm a private person and prefer not to breastfeed in public, but when I'm traveling with the babe it's going to happen. You can be discreet but not invisible, so some people may notice. They probably won't care, but they might. And if they do, don't worry about it. Like I said, you won't ever see them again.

Use the curbside check-in. I'm lucky if I can make a trip with a baby and pack only one suitcase. I'd rather pay a tip to the curb workers and have them meet me in line to take my bags and print off my boarding pass than haul two suitcases plus a car seat while pushing a stroller. You'll be glad you paid the $3 tip.

{sleepy fuzzy head, April 2013, really lucky mom}

Most people are nice. It's hard to travel alone with a baby (let alone children plural--I have no idea what that's like), and most people are really nice about it. I've had so many people play games with my babe, offer to help and carry things, and let me know that it's OK if my babe has a hard time on the plane. You don't have to expect the worst, because really, people aren't so bad.

Remember your plane has to land eventually. Even if your baby is the worst behaved he's ever been, your flight will end. You can even cry on the plane if you need to. No shame in that.

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Denise Wood said...

I'm so glad you're willing to go through the hassle of flying so that I can spend time with the Babe--I love him so much! And you, too, of course. Obviously.

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