some PNW blasphemy

PNW stands for Pacific Northwest if you were wondering. And I have something to say that will likely throw its residents for a loop: I'm over summer. Over it. I know. Summer doesn't usually hit Oregon until somewhere around July, so why not just soak up what I can when I can? Because I don't really like summer all that much. I know.

I like fireworks and barbecues as much as the next person, but when it comes down to it I prefer boots to flip flops and sweaters to swimsuits. I don't know if I've ever regretted summer's end. Every year I've welcomed autumn with open arms saying, "Oh, fall! Where have you been all this time? Let's go grab some cocoa and pie and catch up."

Today the high is 97 degrees. 97 degrees. In September. I've been kind of bratty about it, actually. Scorching temperatures have no business lingering past August. I'm not saying that I'm ready for the endless days of rain yet, but I am ready for some crisp breezes and pumpkin bread. Give me some sunny 60-degree days when I can go for a walk and delight in the yellow and red and orange leaves. Let me put on a cardigan and some jeans without sentencing myself to a heat stroke. Is that so much to ask?

This year summer is turning into that house guest who's overstayed her welcome. Would you just get out of here already? I know, I know. This issue is polarizing. I'll have readers who live in hot and humid places who are currently scoffing at this entire post, and readers who think I'm straight up sacrilege for even thinking such things. But there it is. Summer, we need a break. Your turn for 2013 is complete. Make some room for fall. But, really.


Diana said...

Oh how I MISS my PNW autumns! Here is San Diego we have 2 seasons, summer, and slightly cooler summer. It's nice but sort of not.

A Mitton said...

My Boston self is laughing at your 97-degree complaint.

My Boston self is also with you on the request for autumn to show up. Because our high is 93 today (with 68% humidity).

And having lived in the PNW for years and years, I would argue that you are wrong: no one in the PNW really enjoys heat like that, especially once September comes. We don't like upward of 90 even in the summertime.

Denise Wood said...

I think Denver is in the midst of an identity crisis. But I'm not complaining. I love this whole rainy week we've been having!

Becca @ I Ate Skinny said...

Seeing as I grew up in the desert I'd normally agree with you on this, but now lubing in Alaskaland my heart cries at the thought of summer being over. It stopped snowing in JUNE this year, and it's already supposed to snow again this week. Barely three months for Spring/Summer/AND Fall!

michelle said...

I am totally with you. I adore Fall and it doesn't last nearly long enough here. And 97 degrees is bad even when you have ac!

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