hello, Monday

:: Hello, Monday.
:: Hello to clean bathrooms and folded laundry.
:: Hello to blustery rain and timid sun.

:: Hello to taking a risk and writing for 31 days.
:: Probably. Maybe.

:: Hello to Ray Bradbury and spooky carnivals.
:: Hello to reading with a cup a cocoa.
:: Hello to daily cocoa.
:: Obviously.

:: Hello to a grumpy babe.
:: Goodbye to a decent morning nap.
:: Sigh.

:: Hello to some hopeful sewing and hello to too many ideas.
:: Hello to homemade chili and chicken pot pie on the week's menu.
:: Hello to a birthday cake.
:: Hello to General Conference and church in pajamas.

:: Hello to melting down because you thought your husband took your keys.
:: And another hello to realizing you were wrong.

1 comment:

Marianne said...

Hello to the orthodontist, the barber, lunch at Sonic, Walmart, & PetSmart with the Pooch! That was my Monday. I am looking forward to Tuesday!

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