when mom comes to visit

Mom and Sarah left yesterday.

{insert deep sigh and hanging shoulders here}

They were here for almost a week, and we packed in most things on our Portland to-do list while still feeling relaxed and on vacation. In addition to shopping at Marshall's, Kohl's, Nordstrom Rack, Gymboree, Mill End, and Powell's, we baked a cake, homemade hamburger buns, and salted pretzel peanut butter M&M cookies; ate Mexican food, Thai food, and crepes; watched October Sky, the first season of Downton Abbey, several episodes of Andy Griffith, and saw Austenland in theaters; ate at Salt and Straw, hit up the zoo, and even canned some peaches. We clamored around Asher and applauded every thing he did and talked and lounged and stayed in vacation mode the whole time. I had such a fun time hanging with Sarah and celebrating her fifteenth birthday all week long.

Oh how I miss them.

I know that not every daughter can say this about her mother, but for me, life is just easier with Mom around. She loves my baby, makes me feel great at everything I do, fixes zippers on my dresses, and even folds my laundry. Some days living 1,280 miles apart is just really hard. Especially when just yesterday she was right in your kitchen.

Sigh, indeed.


Jill said...

It's sounds like you guys had a great week together! I hope the post-visit blues don't linger.

Denise Wood said...

What a great wrap-up of our week! It makes me both blue and happy to read it. We really did do most all of the things on our list--but it was relaxing!

Now it's back to Real Life, which sadly means getting back to point counting and folding my own laundry. Asher's is so much more fun to fold. Obviously.

michelle said...

Having my mom leave is one of the worst feelings in the world. It's just wonderful to feel so supported!

michelle said...

I need to make those cookies!

Ande said...

Amen to the sentiment of this post. I would love to be neighbors with my mom.

What?! You love Andy Griffith too? My family loves that show. The pickles episode might be my favorite.

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