what I learned in August

Whoa, that was kind of a heavy post to leave up there for almost a week. So I'll give you another list to lighten things up around here. I present you with some of the things I learned in August (idea from here).

:: This week I've really been into lists. Obviously.

:: I learned how to make and code a blog button. I decided to experiment and take out a small sponsorship on one of my favorite blogs for next month. We'll see how that goes.

:: When your babe has a high fever, sometimes he'll sleep only when you rock him all. night. long. And you know, that's a-okay with you. Also, Mr. Wilson is a rock star for taking an early morning shift on that one. Teamwork, people. It's what babes are all about.

:: Exercise kind of works. Now that Asher isn't breastfeeding anymore, I've kicked my butt into gear to lose those extra pounds. While I hate Jillian Michaels with my whole soul, those workouts work. Even if they threaten to kill you. (Also, exercise makes me dramatic. Obviously.)

:: Chocolate pie can transcend anything--even an abysmal pie crust.

:: Helium balloons don't make it through the night, much to my birthday planning chagrin.'

:: Um, New Girl. Despite the recommendations from so many people, I never watched much, but holy cow, you all were right--it's amazing.

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michelle said...

Helium balloons only last through the night if they put hi-float in them. Then they last for days!

I watched the first few episodes of New Girl with high hopes and I just don't get what the hype is about. Did it get better?

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