Spooky Read 2013 review

Well, I finished! My Goodreads review is short, so I'll expand a bit here.

Something Wicked This Way Comes was superbly chilling. Bradbury has such a delicate way of writing that almost makes you feel the words he uses. I found myself waiting to read this until I had a good chunk of time to curl up in bed with some cocoa. I wanted to relish the eerie atmosphere and let myself get appropriately spooked.

I don't know if creepy carnivals were a thing before this book was written, but regardless, Bradbury certainly takes carnivals and carousels to a new level with his story of stolen souls. I think I like this book almost as much as I like Dracula. Almost. I'm so glad we stumbled on this book for the spooky read this year. It certainly produced what I hoped it would.

Did you read Something Wicked This Way Comes? Did you pick a different spooky book? Do you even like spooky stories?

Happy Halloween! (Tomorrow. Obviously.)

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