a reminder

Today is the second to last day of 31 days. Whoa. I won't lie--I'm exhausted by this. Not only is posting every day hard, but writing on one topic is a whole new ball game. My brain is begging for a good old list post.

Just as publishing blog posts every day is a wearing task, sometimes being gracious can be tiring too. It's about impossible to maintain the same level of graciousness every single day. So today, I'll keep it short and leave you with a reminder:

Do your best.

Sometimes we may underestimate our best, and sometimes we overestimate it. Our lives cycle through seasons when it's easy to be gracious and other seasons when it's hard. When gracious living is especially difficult, focus on the most essential aspects: kindness, apologies, please and thank you. When you're stretched to your limit, maybe throwing a dinner party isn't the best idea. Realize that gracious living can be adapted to all the seasons of our lives. Some days gracious living looks different from other days. And that's okay. 

This post is part of a 31-day series on gracious living. You can find the other posts here.

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Rebekah Griffin said...

I think graciousness is not something we really value in our culture anymore.

Attitude is considered more cool.

I liked your post about Costco too. I've done the same thing and went back to apologize.

By the way, I'm Bon's sister.

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