ah, a list!

:: This list will likely have no direction.
:: Perhaps I'm rebelling from the specific posting from last month.
:: It was a wonderful subject, but a heavy one.
:: And now I'm ready for aimless listing.
:: Obviously.

:: Why do we need to change the time anymore?
:: All it does is destroy babes' sleep.
:: Speaking of, mine is not sleeping.
:: Though he should be.

:: Also, TV.
:: This year I'm enjoying some new shows: Blacklist and Brooklyn 99.
:: In addition to all my regulars. Obviously.
:: (And psst! I've been watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix. So fun.)

:: As soon as Halloween packed and left, the weather here got overcast and chilly.
:: I love it.
:: Tonight I'm making soup.
:: And right now I have bread rising.
:: Again, obviously.

1 comment:

Jill said...

I totally agree about the time change, it jacks everything up even when it means an extra hour to sleep. I am ready to pack it in by 8:00 each night! I did enjoy it being light outside yesterday on my way to work, but still.

I am looking to make soup and bread today as well.

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