right now

Reading :: Quiet and The Book Thief

Watching :: Desperate Housewives on Netflix, 30 Rock with Josh, and Ender's Game last weekend

Listening to :: This American Life and Joy the Baker podcasts

Sewing :: my Christmas skirt (think princess-seamed pencil skirt out of silver houndstooth)

Loving :: this sweater weather

Waiting for :: Asher to fall asleep

Trying to :: stay under budget for groceries

Working on :: managing frustration (self-mastery is not for wimps)

Excited about :: our family photos

Using :: Evernote to plan my meals

Wearing :: Polka-dot jeans interspersed with days of stretchy pants--obviously

Singing :: Primary songs before naps

Needing :: a fountain drink

Learning :: the same lessons over and over

Wishing :: for a housemaid

Doing :: the best I can, even though it doesn't feel like much

Dreaming of :: handmade Christmas gifts, the Christmas tree, and what to gift those hard giftees

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