hello, Monday

:: Hello, Monday.
:: Hello to lists--lots and lots of lists.
:: Christmas lists, grocery lists, project lists, cleaning lists, blog lists.

:: Hello to mission emails from the brother.
:: And if we're lucky, hello to pictures from Brazil.

:: Hello to a new week of counting points.
:: And hopefully hello to more progress.

:: Hello to a bit of handmade Christmas.
:: Think some sewing for the babe and some sewing for me.
:: No sewing for Josh.
:: Because sewing for guys is hard.
:: And hello to handmade gifts that I can't tell you about.
:: Obviously.

:: Hello to being this close to finishing a new book.
:: Hello to young-adult dystopian novels.
:: You never get old.

:: Hello to my first-ever sponsored giveaway this week.
:: Tune in Wednesday.
:: Especially all you college kids.

:: Hello to a babe who walks like Frankenstein.
:: Hello to  the goose eggs and bruises and bumps and cries that inevitably accompany Frankenbaby.
:: And hello to brushing off the dirt and getting back into the action.
:: Hello to passing off some of that resilience to me, because heaven sure knows most days I need it.

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A Mitton said...

So I've become a little disenchanted with YA dystopian fiction. I reread Ender's Game because of the movie and I liked it less this time around. I also recently read Matched and almost didn't finish it. We should chat about this, because I think it's a specific writing device used in YA dystopian fiction that I'm disliking over and over.

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