this week

This week I bought silk charmuese to sew into a Christmas blouse. And I promise I'll show you the finished product this time.

Asher started taking only one nap a day. It's bittersweet, but mostly okay by me.

I've been a little lonely. Josh has been working extra long hours all week and my mom is out of town. And even though Mom lives thousands of miles away, I know when she's out of town because we don't talk on the phone. That combination is sometimes a recipe for mild melancholy.

My sewing room has exploded in Christmas projects. It's a danger zone for babes. So he never goes in. Except when I need to finish a blog post. Obviously. And then he plays in the thread bin.

I made my final trip to Joann's for the Christmas season. (Knock on wood--I do not want to go back to that holiday madhouse until January.)

I caught the first signs of a cold. And then I bought Airborne.

I've been listening to Christmas music all week. Yes, I'm one of those people. But I think we all knew that.

I have a few favorite months of Asher's life, and month 15 has been one of them. This morning I caught him dancing to the Curious George opening song, and I about died.

Chocolate sugar cookies are waiting downstairs, and I think it's about time that Asher and I have an afternoon snack.

Happy Friday.

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Denise Wood said...

Dancing to Curious George?! I can't stand it!

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