the gift of the year

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have arrived.

Yesterday, I drove 30 miles south to test drive a Bernina sewing machine. And then I wrote a check and took this beauty home with me.

I know that it's superficial to place life satisfaction in material things, but I'll confess that in this moment, I feel complete. (Dramatic much, Charlotte?) I told Josh it is his present to me for all the holidays of 2014. All the holidays

So if you can't find me this weekend, you'll know where I am. 


luckygirl said...

Great tools are such a luxury, Don't you wish you could find something for Josh that would make him this happy?

I love seeing where you sew! Hope that doesn't sound too stalkerish.

Hope Asher does not feel too neglected ....

Diana said...

Congrats! I love my Bernina!

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