5 ways Pinterest has changed my life

I've read so many articles and blog posts about the pitfalls of Pinterest. Many of them have valid points: Pinterest paints perfection, sets impossible standards for decorating, travel, wardrobe, parenting, and cooking. And sure, I'll buy that. I go on Pinterest, and I'm instantly flooded with images of must-see vacation spots, the perfect baby shower decor, 20 healthy snacks to feed your toddler, and the five best secrets for a healthy marriage. And I guess if Pinterest is your life coach, then yes, it could be daunting, overwhelming, and discouraging.

For me, though, Pinterest is none of those things. In fact, Pinterest has changed my life--in good ways. 

:: I look through pins and see projects others have completed, and I feel my creativity unlock. I'm not the type of creative who spontaneously generates ideas. I'm good at recreating what I see, and I'm good at adding or subtracting what I like. Pinterest is an endless fount of springboard ideas!

:: I can dress up any day! This concept is something I grew up with, but sometimes I still feel like I should have to justify wearing a dress or heels or flashy jewelry. With all of those outfits trending on Pinterest, though, I re-realize that I can dress up any day I want! For no reason! I love that.

:: Contrary to what Pinterest amateurs think, you don't have to like everything you see on Pinterest. At first I thought that every pin I saw in my feed I had to love and repin and embrace. And that's just not true. I try to cull my feed to stuff I actually like and pin only what I'm serious about. (I need to go through my boards and weed out all those pins I pinned because I thought I was "supposed to.") No one says you have to like anything. Even chevron. (Which I do like. But ombre and nail art and jumpsuits? Pass.)

:: In the same vein, Pinterest has helped me define my personal style. As I scroll through my feed, I decide what I like and what I don't. And in that process I define what's me when it comes to style. I may like the super rustic look in a home, but when I think about me, that home style doesn't fit perfectly. So I take what I like and leave the rest. Using Pinterest as a tool helps me find trends and ideas that speak to me. I don't think I'd have nearly as Charlotte a home or wardrobe as I do without Pinterest to give me options.

:: Pinterest is a serious problem solver! Need ideas to entertain a toddler on rainy days? Ask Pinterest. Wondering what to make for your gluten-free friend when you make only exclusively gluten-y food? Ask Pinterest. Need ideas for that church activity? Pinterest. Obviously. (I should mention that when I say "ask Pinterest" what I really mean is "search Pinterest for sources and follow those pins to the original source because Pinterest wouldn't be anything without the devoted bloggers and content developers who are the brains behind your 10,000 pins.") I have found many solutions to problems using Pinterest.

So, Pinterest. I like you. We will definitely stay friends. Except that I'm the friend who basically uses you, and takes only a fraction of your advice. So I guess I'm that friend. But we're friends nonetheless. Now I'm looking to change up my mantle for summer. Any ideas?

Do you like Pinterest? Is it as evil as some say, or do you like it for what it is--a tool for creativity? 

PS: all images were taken from my Pinterest account. You can find me here.


Cheri @ Overactive Blogger said...

I like Pinterest too because it has unlocked my creativity too. Ideas I never thought were possible, someone else has done and they act as a guide for me to do my own projects! I've also uploaded some of my own pins, and I think that it's so cool. It's also a really good tool to promote your blog!

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

I like pinterest too especially as a future teacher it helps me think outside of the box with lesson planning.

Anne Christine Wilson said...

Charlotte, this is the first of your blog posts that I've read and, I have to say, what a fun way this is to get to know someone I already know! You are an excellent writer and I totally get and agree with your perspective on Pinterest.

Pinterest is where I go, aside from Ehow or Google, when I need a solution to any everyday-kind of issue. I've found great recipes that are now part of my repertoire, amazing quotes that inspire me and keep me going on bad days and I have even searched the archives of Pinterest after our recent trip to try and find a way to pack more efficiently when I go on trips, because Jim heaved my 48-pound suitcase in and out of car trunks from Salt Lake to Portland to Phoenix and back home again and I'd like to give him a break next time!

So thanks for such an interesting and thought-provoking read. I love reading your writing!

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