a too-early summer

I'm sitting here at the computer sweating because the sewing-slash-computer room is a full-on oven when Portland decides to do summer. And this week Portland has jumped ahead by two months and has treated us to 90-degree weather. I'm not amused.

I'm making a pie for a girls' weekend at the coast, and someone please remind me next time not to roll out pie crust when my kitchen is 80 degrees. (Ladies, this time I cannot guarantee pie crust quality.) 

At Target this week I stocked up on shorts for the boy, because I can't in good conscience dress the boy in jeans and socks and shoes when it's so hot and humid. So now Asher has five pairs of shorts, even more t-shirts, and a good pair of sandals, not to mention the clothes Grandma Karen brought over. 

We bought a grill this week, and I can't wait to pump out summer meals with that thing. I even picked up the Cook's Illustrated special edition of summer grilling. 

I have several summer dress projects on my sewing docket, and I may have to pump them out quick next week during the rainy days before the weather turns hot again. Even the sewing experience is affected when you're sitting there in a 90-degree room with sweat dripping down your shirt. 

I have a darling toddler calling for me from his room, because now he's awake from his nap. I'm not sure what we'll do. Maybe draw with sidewalk chalk. Maybe eat some fruit snacks. Maybe read some stories.

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Jill said...

90 degree weather is not welcome here! I have been loving our glorious Spring weather lately but it's supposed to be in the 80's tomorrow and I'm not ready.

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