coasting with my other people

So I have my people-people. You know, my people. And then I have my other people, my people who aren't technically my blood, but who might as well be--my friends, my lovely, wonderful, uplifting friends. And last weekend all of us went to the coast for the night. It was just what I needed.

Most of us piled into a van Friday afternoon and drove to Lincoln City. The rest of us followed in separate cars. We stayed in our friend's parent's beach house and slept on air mattresses and futons. Most of us left the babes at home, though we did delight in the two little littles who tagged along.

We ate at this delicious seafood place right on the coastline and basically drowned ourselves in buttered fish. Later that night we ate cake and cookies and pie and Hi-Chews. Don't you know calories don't count on girls' weekend?

We walked on the beach and breathed in the air. We talked and laughed and then talked until we laughed too hard to talk.

This weekend was beyond rejuvenating. We talked about silly things and spiritual things and life things and so-so-funny things. We connected over so many facets of our lives that you sit there thinking, "I'm never alone! They know what I struggle with and they struggle too!"

The weather couldn't have been more wonderful. The sun was shining, the wind softly blowing, the ocean continuously roaring. You couldn't help but close your eyes and breathe it was so perfect.

I've never known such a wonderful group of women. They make me feel like my efforts are enough, that what I have to offer is exactly what they need. We have such reciprocity in our friendships. These friendships are the ones that endure.

I needed this getaway. It fed my soul. I left filled with such gratitude for my other people. These women are gifts to me. And you can bet that we'll be doing this again.

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