some endorsements

This Friday I present you with a list of my recent endorsements. No, none of these items are sponsored, though, if any of these companies should feel inspired to pay me retroactively, I will not complain.

:: Daily Burn.  I learned about DB during Hulu commercials, and eventually Josh decided to try it out. Then when I decided to kick my body into gear and exercise, I decided to try it too. And if I've ever come close to enjoying exercise, this is it. The trainers in my program are nice and encouraging, and the workouts are varied and effective. For the first time in a long time, I feel fit instead of just skinny. The number on the scale hasn't really changed (which can be frustrating), but my body has been changing, and that's what matters.

:: 24: Live Another Day. I thought that 24 had already had its hey-day, and I was intrigued when Fox announced a Jack Bauer comeback. And I really loved 24 back when it on. The last couple of seasons of 24 were extreme, even for 24, and this revival isn't the best, but it's fun to have Jack back and good enough for me to keep watching.

:: Fabric.com. Sewing purists will say that you can't buy fabric without touching it and feeling it. They'll say that buying fabric online is for amateurs. Me? I love it. Fabric.com is awesome. I can spend a good chunk of time browsing fabric online. I'd say that if you're new to sewing that buying fabric in a brick-and-mortar store is ideal, just so you can get a feel (literally) for fiber content, drape, etc. But once you know what it means to see a listing for jersey knit with 95-rayon and 5-percent spandex, then you can make pretty informed decisions. And shipping is free with a $35 minimum purchase. I'll often tack on a swatch or two to get me just to $35. And if you're not pleased with your fabric.com purchase, you had 30 days to return it, no matter what. I am certainly a sewing enthusiast, but I'm not above shopping for fabric online. It's great.

:: America's Test Kitchen. Obviously. The only magazine I have a subscription to is Cook's Illustrated, I have two Test Kitchen cookbooks, I have purchased several special CI issues at Costco, and I listen to the Test Kitchen's weekly podcast. Pretty much I'm an ATK fangirl. For someone who likes to understand the why behind what I do, the Test Kitchen is perfect. Now I know that when a recipe calls for Dutch-processed cocoa, I really can't use natural cocoa. That cheddar-monteray jack combo in the macaroni and cheese really is the best combo. And making your own chili paste for chili really does produce the best results.

:: Modern Mrs. Darcy's 2014 summer reading guide. I found Modern Mrs. Darcy a year ago when I followed a link to her 2013 summer reading guide, and her blog has been on my must-read-every-day list since. She released her 2014 summer reading guide last week, and it's the best place to go to find good reads for the summer months. She's broken down her recommendations into categories so you know where to find serious books or beach books or solid nonfiction reads. You can get your copy here. And if you keep reading MMD, well, I can't blame you because it's really that great of a blog.

What have you been endorsing lately? Anything I should know about?


Marianne said...

I cannot wait to check out Modern Mrs. Darcy's list. I need some good summer books. Also, I love love love fabric.com! Have you tried warehousefabrics_inc.com? They are one of the least expensive sights for home decor fabric that I have found.
I'm with you on 24 too. The last tow seasons were hard to watch. It got too graphic for me and I hated to see the downward spiral Jack got caught in. I hope they can redeem him in this return!

Miranda said...

Holy crap, Char! This list is amazing! Every single thing you listed has me interested. ATK podcast, here I come.

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