at least I have SOME street smarts

On Saturday, I had to go up to Murray for a photo shoot for my magazine class. Leaving at 7:00 a.m., I picked up Leslie and Erica and headed up to Murray to help arrange food for the camera. We were there for several hours and didn't leave until about 1:00. We loaded up the car, got on in, and then I attempted to start the car.


Acting in typical Charlotte fashion, I left the lights on. The battery died. However, thanks to my high-school car, Stella, I am a pro when it comes to jumper cables.

One of the girls in my class pulled up next to me, popped her hood, and I work my jumper cable magic. I totally know what I doing when it comes to car batteries.

Erica and Leslie were there cheering me on and looking cute, as always! And the true miracle of the day: by totally rebooting the car, the stereo system was resurrected!! So we listened to N*SYNC Greatest Hits on the way back to Provo.


michelle said...

Way to go! Pretty awesome about the stereo working again.

emily said...

I blame our tendencies to forget to turn off our lights on the lack of beeping alert mechanism in our ghetto car. Most cars tell their owners to turn off their headlights, but we're left to our own, sometimes scattered memories/habits. And ShamWow to having music again!

I'm actually really glad that we can just our own vehicles. It makes me feel pretty awesome to pop the hood and know what I'm doing.

Love you!

Quanta said...

ShamWow Charlotte! Way to go! =)

Anonymous said...

You aren't joking when you say you know what you are doing with jumper cables! I was quite impressed. Maybe editing isn't your calling in life. It was hard enough just supervising you. But the best part of the entire day was listening to NSYNC on the way home!

Susan said...

Good going, girl!!

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