mirror of my life?

I've watched so much Gilmore Girls that sometimes I feel it is the mirror for my life (except for the slutty parts). That sounds shallow, and I don't really believe that--but kind of. Here's where I'm coming from:

So over my solitary weekend, I finished Gilmore Girls (yes, I have seen it all before--this was not the first time). At the end of season 7, Rory graduates from Yale and enters the "real world." As I've been figuring out housing for this next year, I've realized that next fall will mark my last year of college. Seriously, it doesn't seem so long ago that I came to BYU as a bright-eyed little freshman. Where did it all go?! (Ha, oh yeah: into over 90 credit hours of school.)

So watching the last episode of GG ever and seeing Rory head off into her unknown and sudden future (as a reporter on the Obama campaign--funny this aired a couple years before the election) induced a slight freak-out in me. The end of my student days is in sight. Sure it's still a little over a year off, but still. Sure I've pursued internships and seriously thought about my career path; I've felt great about my major and minor and have fortunately never had that directional life crisis. But thinking about my education and potential career plan in a practical way puts a whole new spin on life.

I was talking to Dad tonight and expressed some of my incredulity about being a real person, and he kindly softened my fear a bit by saying, "Well, you won't be quite a real person. You'll be a quasi–real person." Good to know that I can ease my way in a little.

Ha and my adult way of dealing with impending adulthood? Just don't think about it.


Jill said...

Wow, I can't believe you're that far into your college experience. I keep thinking of you as a new college student, crazy.

I'm still a quasi-adult and I've got a lot years on you so that can either be comforting or horrifying to you depending on how you look at it.

Diana said...

Like Jill its hard to believe you're already a junior. It goes by so fast. You do have so much direction in your life. Way more than I did. I really feel that education wise a lot of my time at BYU was wasted. I got a lot out of school but nothing to prepare me for a career. Its a blessing you know what you want to do.
When I watch GG I think about you :)
Could we possibly borrow Season 6 and 7. We have seasons 1-5 and Lou and I have watched all of them but Lou hasn't seen the rest. If not I totally understand.

michelle said...

I'm a little freaked out that you'll be a senior next year as well!

I never saw season 7 of GG but I sure did enjoy the rest.

I chuckled over being a quasi-real person...

Denise said...

You're freaked out? What about me!!?

Susan said...

Can't we just go back to the tantrum over the red shoes?

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