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My day was pretty good up until 5:10 when my critical theory class started. (I'll have to do a separate post about that and my frustrations regarding all theory and philosophy in general.) That class makes my brain hurt so much: I spend the entire two and a half hours desperately struggling to understand what the heck we're talking about and never quite succeeding. Plus today we got our essay exams back: I didn't do as bad as I thought I did, but I think I'll take the revision option and try for a better grade. Anyway, I left class worse than when I entered (and even more worse than usual, which is saying something, given that every time I leave that class I feel completely mentally drained and incompetent.)

Emily had said she was having a rough day, so I thought that after I had class we'd jet on over to Jason's Deli for a late dinner. That plan was even more excellent after my critical theory class ended. I picked her up, and we ordered the grilled cheese (two orders of grilled cheese=$4.29. Sham. Wow.). A few minutes after we started eating this whole group of high school guys come in, and then we hear pointed whistles and whoops. Rolling our eyes we continue our meal.

Then this fifteen-or-so-year-old comes over and asks if his friend can have Emily's number. Her reply: "I don't think so." Shot down.

About ten minutes later, this kid wearing pants with flaming Superman insignias all over them comes up and sits down next to me in the booth. We say hi and exchange all the normal salutatory formalities and then just sit there. Ummmm . . . . . . . Then the kid asks, "Is it weird that I just came over here and sat down?" I reply, "I was a little surprised."

Long pause.

Realizing that this kid wasn't going away any time soon, I started asking him questions: He's on the Hurricane basketball team, he has an older brother, he's thirteen, he's in eighth grade. The only way we got rid of him was by getting up to get some of the complementary soft serve ice cream. Throughout this whole encounter I couldn't look at Emily, because then I would have cracked up laughing.

Despite the ridiculousness of this situation, the attentions of this thirteen-year-old lifted my spirits. Shallow? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely.


michelle said...

Theory and philosophy were always frustrating for me as well!

Hilarious young teen flirting.

brooketolman said...

I find this to be hilarious and you can in noway be mad at me for not telling you about Andy and I's engagement because you didnt' tell me this story!!

Petey said...

Lol, I have to say, 13 is robbing the cradle there charlotte. J/k sorry, I just have to tease you since the same thing always seems to happent to me, though never quite that young.
It is a very nice feeling to feel pretty and that always makes me feel better. :)

Anonymous said...

That deffinatly gave me a good laugh :P

At efy I always seem to have the 14 year olds asking me to dance, not wanting to be rude I say yes and then they say something to the effect of "so is this your first year??" after which I reply "no, it's my 4th" *long pause* "ohh..." haha then I proceed to ask how old this child is and he replies that he is 14....it's quite saddening when the only people you can get is young-ins...but kinda funny as well.

So I feel your pain!!! haha

Karen said...

My roommate/best friend took critical theory last semester and felt the same way you do. It just about killed her. Hang in there...you'll make it!

And awkward about the boys...did they really think they could get you and Emily? haha

Susan said...

critical theory sounds frightening to me!

And, the 13 year old sounds a little too much like a comment Michelle made when she was about 14--"He may have just been made a teacher, but he'll always be a Deacon!"

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