a quick dump of my memory card

I've been taking pictures of some of the things I've been up to the past week or two but never got around to blogging about it in a timely manner. So here it all is: the hodgepodge mix of my end-of-January adventures:I had to sneak this picture: this girl was wearing no coat in 25 degree weather. What the heck.

My toilet was not flushing. Perhaps that's TMI, but there you have it. Our plungers are retarded. Emily took charge of the plunging and got toilet-watered.

Brooke and I watched "Signs" and made foil hats so the aliens couldn't read our minds.

We also made cake cones: cake batter baked in ice cream cones. I'd never had it before and really liked it!

This super cute necklace that used to be Grandma's broke.

Using Emily's pink tool kit, I used the pliers to fix it.

And . . . that was the last week of January.


Jill said...

I had to plunge a toilet this morning and was sprayed by toilet water by my retarded plunger as well! I hadn't planned on scrubbing the bathroom floor at 8:ooam or washing the bathmats today, but that's what happened.

Nice foil hats!

michelle said...

I love that you snapped a photo of a stranger for documentation purposes. I also love the photo of Emily scarred by the toilet water!

Excellent work fixing the necklace! I would have probably bemoaned the loss of it with no real idea of how to repair it...

Susan said...

Going anywhere in cold weather without proper coat, scarf and gloves is pure craziness!!!

Great save on the necklace. I love that one! I'm happy that you are getting goog use out of it.

Good end of Janurary!

Denise said...

The foil hats are both stylish and good protection from alien mind invasion.

My necklace like that has broken many times and I keep fixing it because I like it too much to give it up.

I hate any job involving plungers! Good thing Emily always has plenty of Clorox Cleanup close at hand.

Robin said...

"Toilet-watered" haha! It does just make you feel icky when that happens - Emily's most excellent expression sums that up (:

And mmm...cake cones sound tasty. May have to give those a shot..

Diana said...

Sounds like a fun and funny week. Toliet watered sounds so gross but ah such a reality in life.
I just noticed on your banner the Gimore Girls DVDs. THat made me so happy :)
I agree with Robin those cake cones sound yummy maybe a movie night and we make those?

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