I wonder if they'll let me hug the polar bears. . . . Safari Day 2009

Wondering where this particular sign was? Read on. At the beginning of the summer we siblings planned to have a safari day sometime during the summer. Safari day came into being when I lived in Provo for the spring, and my siblings were quite taken with the idea. So finally on Thursday we went to "Africa" via the Denver Zoo.

Emily was "looking for wild animals" on our way to the zoo. Silly girl :)

We went to Predator Ridge first. That's where Emily put Sarah into the lion death grip. See sign above.

We mimicked several wild animal behaviors, to which John replied later when we were showing Mom our pictures, "Yeah, Mom. We were in public." Haha.

In addition to imitating the maned wolf walk, Emily and I made faces like the monkeys. John really loved that one. He stood on the other side of the room.

When we saw the leopards and cheetahs, Emily responded with, "I have a sweater that looks like you!" And just as we got out of the car, she looked at the pimping-out leopard print ribbon and exclaimed, "Look! It's from the wild!"

We couldn't really convince John to take many pictures with us, but we did get him next to the fake polar bear (on our way to the zoo, Emily matter-of-factly wondered if they'd let her hug the polar bears. . . .). John is so mammoth that he can almost touch the polar bear head! And he did get more involved with Safari Day when he stated, "I wouldn't mind being a pachyderm in the wild." Ha!

After the zoo, we went home and watched "The Lion King." It was a fun day with a fun ending. I love being friends with my siblings--it makes life pretty great :)

And no, Emily was not able to hug an actual polar bear.


Jill said...

It looks and sounds like a super fun siblings outing, but that John needs to catch the vision of public embarrassment and self-portraiture.

I didn't recognize you in that photo in the car, I thought it must be a friend of yours until I realized you were wearing that blue shirt. Isn't that weird? It seriously doesn't look like you at all.

michelle said...

What a fun day! It sounds like many great one-liners resulted from Safari Day. I'm cracking up over John being so embarrassed by you guys. He wouldn't even get in the self-portrait?! You think he'd be used to it by now.

Diana said...

oh how fun. You guys are so cute!

Serin said...

Sounds like such a fun day!

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