Holla! Back in the House

I'm officially back in Provo. . . .

  • I love my apartment,
  • But I don't know any of my roommates.
  • I had a blast all weekend with my parents and sister,
  • But it was really hard to say goodbye last night.
  • I'm still recovering from surgery,
  • But I didn't have to lift anything while moving in.
  • I depleted my bank account,
  • But I have a flat of Diet Pepsi under my desk.
  • I had fun putting away all my fun new kitchen stuff I got for my birthday,
  • But still need to blog about my birthday.
  • Mine and Emily's car bit the dust on the way to Utah,
  • But . . . I can see no upside to this.
  • I have church at 11:50, so it's technically morning,
  • But still.
I'll give a more thorough update of my week--birthday, road trip, ugly tablecloth, phantom roommates and all--soon.


Susan said...

I'm waiting....can't wait to see how you liked my package!

I'm really sorry about your car...man, that's a bummer. Life is sad without a car! I think a new boyfriend with a car is in order! Get started.

michelle said...

So sad about your car, it is hard to see an upside to that! But lots of other good things afoot!

Jill said...

It's sad that your car died, just plain sad.

April said...

Ahh!! Oh no, the car. So sad!
I am glad you are there and all is well. Have a great senior year!

Denise said...

I've been trying to think of things to look forward to this week, but have had no success (other than looking forward to immersing myself in the world of Harry Potter).

I still can't believe we bought that tablecloth. . . .

Diana said...

Welcome Back!!! Where are you living now? I guess you can email all that so you don't have to write in on your public blog.
I'm so sorry to hear about your car. If you ever need a ride to the grocery store or anything let me know. I know what its like to not have a car!

Dimples said...

I understand the car issue! I've used 4 different cars in college! The one I have now is anything but reliable. I purchased a scooter :)

There are a ton on KSL.com for pretty cheap. You should look into it.

Winter's not so fun though...

Anyway, sorry about your car!

emily said...

Let me hear you say "HEY!"

I'm so sorry that your first few days have been a bummer. I hate that we don't have a car anymore. It definitely saves money, though, because we can't run to Target everytime we get the craving for more Goldfish and icky Pilsbury cookies.

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