Really? No Way.

I can't believe the summer is almost over. Do I really go back to Provo in three weeks? Seriously? I can't believe it. And what's the most mind-blowing is how much this summer has not gone as I thought it would. Instead of going to work everyday, dying in a sauna house, and living the single life, I've been involved in friends' weddings, dealing with limited employment and the financial ramifications of that, enjoying an air conditioned house for the first time, trying to figure out my oh-so-painful ovaries, inexplicably losing weight (because of previously mentioned illness, I'm thinking), watching multiple episodes of Bones a week, and excessively texting a boy.

It's been a good summer, just a different one from what I expected. And now it's almost over. For real.

I'm excited for this next school year; I mean, it's my last one. I want to make it a good one (all my college school years have been overall good). I love being an English major; I love being a hideous editor; I love apartment living (granted, roommates can be fodder for frustration on occasion); I love it that BYU allows me to create myself.

But the summer has gone fast. And while I'm ready for school and excited for Provo, I'm never quite ready to leave home.


Jill said...

I can't believe you're heading into your last year at BYU already! Why did my college years seem to last forever and were oh so painful, and yours have flown by and been so fun? It may have something to do with where I'm sitting.

Excessively texting a boy eh?

paws said...

We love Bones - the TV series, I mean. Actually bones, are pretty great, too.

michelle said...

I can't believe you're going to be a senior!

I love that you articulated these feelings and have them documented here. I can't even imagine having this kind of record from my college years!

Denise said...

I second the notion that I am NOT ready for the summer to end. I'm not dreading your return as much as I was last summer--I think because at least I know what to expect with both you and Emily gone, but I am dreading it nevertheless. And I'm also stressed out by my ever-growing to-do list of things to accomplish before your departure.

Excessively texting, indeed! At least you own up to it.

Susan said...

I guess part of life is expecting the unexpected. Sounds like you've weathered the summer pretty well and when will be hear more about this boy and massive texting!!

I know your mom is dreading having you gone again, not to mention the extra helping hands around the house. But it is good to be ready to get back to school and the responsibiltiy that goes along with it. A senior...oh, dee!

A birthday box will be coming soon!

Couldn't you think of going to Temple your senior year? Now, that would really be an adventure!! And, you could visit us on weekends when you weren't dodging drive-by shootings!!

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