Making My Own Happiness: Step #1

I've been kind of down this past week--homesick, unmotivated, apprehensive about post-graduation life. And then the lessons in church hit home, and as I sat in Relief Society listening to a girl sing "Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me," tears ran down my cheeks as I re-realized who I am. The lesson in Relief Society yesterday was about how we are children of God. That's something I've never forgotten exactly, but a truth that I too often lose the magnitude of. It's truly incredible that we are children of God--I am a literal daughter of a divine being, a Heavenly Father. Re-realizing who I am made all the difference for me. I can't start making my own happiness without that foundation. Again, I've never questioned that or doubted my heritage, but I don't always realize how marvelous that heritage is.

Step one to making my own happiness: "I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father, who loves me, and I love him" (LDS Young Women Theme).


Jill said...

What a great epiphany for you! I think you worded this perfectly, "That's something I've never forgotten exactly, but a truth that I too often lose the magnitude of." I think we all do this, otherwise we would be full steam ahead all the time!

Petey said...

I forgot if I commented on your blog about deciding to make your own happiness so if this is redundant, forgive me.
I'm glad that you made the decision to do so! I'm much happier since I decided to think more positively. I've found that looking for the good in every one (no matter who and what they've done) and looking for the brightside of any situation has really helped me to be happier. My mom also had a good idea of making sure she doesn't pass her bad day on to someone else.
I'm also glad that you were reminded of your divine inheritance and potential. That is always a huge boost and counter weight to feeling less than awesome.

Susan said...

I feel such a wave of tenderness and love when I read your words. I, too, love the words you quote from The Young Women's Theme.

...who loves me, and I love him.

Thanks for the prompt.I love Petey's words too. It is such a blessing to have righteous family members to be inspired by! I love you.

michelle said...

I can't even tell you how many times I've been sitting in church and had a similar experience -- hearing just the thing I needed to remind me of who I am and where I'm headed.

I wish I could get my Primary children and my own children to really grasp the concept of being a child of God! I think when we hold onto that, we're unstoppable.

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