Signs that I'm progressing to quasi-adulthood:
  • I'm reading through health care plans
  • I have the utilities in my name
  • I deal with mistaken loan disbursements and resulting exorbitant charges from the school
  • I make sure that my prescriptions are filled where they need to be
  • I'm considering a Roth IRA
For the record, I do do my own laundry. I've been doing this for a while, but it's a crucial step to quasi-adulthood. I feel I should put that down.

And yet, despite impending quasi-adulthood, I still find myself listening to HP in the mornings.


michelle said...

Quasi-adulthood is a great term, really. Becoming an adult is definitely a process! (And some of us who have been there for awhile don't even always feel like grown-ups...)

Serin said...

Jim Dale is amazing! I'd listen to him in the morning too if it was quiet enough around here!

brooketolman said...

I don't think I'll ever fully make it to adulthood, I was looking at insurance plans a few weeks back and I didn't even know what half the terms meant.

Denise said...

Sounds pretty grown-up to me. Way to GO!

Melissa Marilyn said...

Wow. . .just wow!

Jill said...

Doing really adult things still freaks me out sometimes, so I understand when that feeling hits.

Seriously a Roth IRA?! That goes beyond my level of grown-upness.

Sarah C. said...

I couldn't encourage a Roth IRA more. It's an excellent choice. T. Rowe Price has the best options, in my humble, quasi-adult opinion.

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