For whatever reason the web filter at work is allowing Blogger today, so I'm going to take advantage and do a short bullet post.

:: I think the date today is cool.
:: Yes, I know my blog banner is still Christmas.
:: I plan on changing that tomorrow at the same time I put together my 12of12 grid.
:: I might need another root canal. 
:: Despite what another root canal may indicate, I really do brush my teeth—at least twice a day, sometimes more.
:: I even floss.
:: Usually.
:: It's supposed to snow tonight.
:: From what I've heard, Oregonians don't do well in snow.
:: Amateurs. 
:: Unless it's an ice storm.
:: I've heard those are bad. (Thanks for the heads-up, Hannah!)
:: I haven't pulled out my sewing machine since I went crazy with it in Denver.
:: I really want to start a project.
:: Really bad.
:: Josh and I have been watching The Big Bang Theory since we've been back.
:: We love it.
:: It makes me laugh like The Office and 30 Rock do.
:: Try it out.

And, Charlotte signing off, on-site, from IDL Worldwide.


Daniel said...

Two things:

1) BBT = great. Finally, a show about physics.

2) I think it's funny that you are so tuned into blogger that you apparently check up on it even in a place where access will be filtered. Good for you.

michelle said...

"Finally, a show about physics." That's comedy right there. Is it appropriate for Max? He would love a show about physics!

I have to get another root canal, too! On Friday. On a tooth that ALREADY had a root canal. For some reason, I thought that when you had a root canal on a tooth, you could be done with it for good. Silly me.

Diana said...

sorry Michelle and Charlotte about your root canals, not fun at all.

I have seen BBT a few times I don't know why we haven't watched it more its so hilarious. We'll have to add it to our Netflix queue.

Susan said...

Ugh. Root canals. I have several too! And, I'm way behind in my regular dental visits, too busy.

I like The Big Bang Theory too, although my schedule doesn't mesh with it often.

Get the machine out and get cooking!

steve said...

why is your picture backwards? Or maybe your company logo uses backward letters and people wear their wedding rings on their right hands in Oregon.

or maybe your webcam just does it for you.

Denise said...

Still laughing over Dan's comment and Michelle's follow-up comment and the fact that Susan actually watches a TV show and off course Nerd Herd Steve would notice the faulty webcam. Too funny all around.

I wish you didn't have a hurting tooth and a looming root canal.

michelle said...

What?! My mom has seen TBBT??

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