weekend adventures in the kitchen

Would you believe that Friday night this kitchen mess resulted in only cereal and toast for dinner?

It turns out that when a recipe calls for two tablespoons of fresh rosemary, the quantity does not transfer to dried rosemary. Josh and I practically exploded rosemary out of our ears.

Other weekend minutiae that wouldn't fit into a post elsewhere:

:: Origami boats with our Primary class yesterday. Because Jesus was a carpenter. Obviously.
:: A long overdue haircut.
:: Lots of sewing, in stretchy pants nonetheless.
:: End of January. Finally. Can't say I'm sad to say goodbye (am I ever?).
:: Women's Conference. End of April. With almost all my favorite people.


michelle said...

You're coming to Women's Conference?!!

Yikes on the dried rosemary. FYI: use 1 t. dried to 1 T. fresh.

January has never really been a problem for me before, but this year... I'm not sad to say goodbye, either.

paws said...

Oh no! Rosemary isn't even my favorite spice to begin with, let alone tripled.

jt said...

Hmm, I usually halve dried replacing fresh. I like it, but perhaps I'm doing too much. I like rosemary though.
I want to sew a lot in stretchy pants, and I'm okay saying that I'm just totally jealous of the Women's Conference convene and I feel totally left out, again. I'm just sayin'.

Claire said...

What was it with January feeling so long? I'm glad to know (but also creeped out) that it wasn't feeling long in just Idaho.

Jill said...

That's too bad about the rosemary, but oh so funny too.

emily said...

Oh, goodness! I didn't know about your rosemary explosion! ha. Pretty funny, though. At least you weren't cooking for company!

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