12 of 12: 2011 kickoff!

I'm so excited to be able to start 12of12 at the beginning of the year this year! I was especially excited for this one, because it's my first grid documenting a day at work in downtown Portland.

Welcome to Portlandia!

01. Rainy day necessitates herringbone rainboots
02. Bananagrams page-a-day calendar
03. "One croissant and a medium hot chocolate with whipped cream to-go, please"--my favorite local coffee (cocoa) shop
04. Lunch in a stylish lunchbag while watching Law and Order on TNT
05. Lunchtime knitting (glovelies)
06. G-chatting with Emily all afternoon
07. Preparing almost 75 FedEx labels
08. Programming key fobs in the creepiest basement ever
09. A long overdue bathroom cleaning
10. Homemade spaghetti sauce for dinner to have on the 13th
11. Sewing napkins with mitered corners
12. Folding laundry with Josh


Jill said...

Excellent, this looks like a good day though that basement looks like something that could haunt me.

amy gretchen said...

happy to see a familiar face in the bunch.

mmm croissant and hot chocolate sounds delightful.

I just got done with my knitting arm warmer project. need another.

Amy G. said...

I love the basement shot. I'd go crazy, happy, nuts to have that much space to play with. Probably sit in the middle of the floor planning a bazillion different ways to use it.

Denise said...

Next month, give me a reminder on the 11th that I want to do this on the 12th. One of these months I'll get in the groove! It's such a fun way to catch the vibe of day.

jt said...

I really need to acquaint myself with Photoshop enough to do this.. I know it's easy, I'm just retarded.
Also, I am so jealous that you are learning to sew from that book! It's on my wish list. tell me how you like it.

Anonymous said...

A nice look into your Wednesday, this is such a fun project :) I've never heard (or seen) glovelies. I'm almost motivated to learn to knit. Thanks for the link!

michelle said...

I love that you have a favorite coffee shop! And that you're knitting at lunch. How have I never seen the Bananagrams page-a-day calendar??

Please let us know if you have any clown sightings.

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