word: 2011

For the past several years I've chosen a word on which to focus, and it's been productive. This annual ritual has been therapeutic for me and has helped my resolutions stick more firmly.

This year, though, I think I need a break—not from goals or self-improvement efforts, just from new ones. I'm still working on the old ones. A lot. 2010 brought so many changes for me, and almost all of them were good ones. But change, good or bad, still requires adjustment. And I guess I'm still adjusting. My words of 2008 and 2010 (become and make my own happiness) are keeping me busy enough and invoking enough self-change and introspection for now.

I have bright hopes for 2011, my first full year in this new phase of my life. And I think that my former areas of focus deserve a revisit.

I hope your resolutions have a successful start!


Susan said...

I like this thinking. Revisiting former goals and words that deserve more thought and attention.

I think I will try this myself!

Breanna said...

You should combine them to be "become my own happiness." It's a bit nonsensical, but appropriate. :) Thanks for the nice New Year's thoughts. Old goals are always deserving of extra attention.

michelle said...

I totally get this. I stuck with "free" for two years, and almost kept it for a third. Jill says that our words of the year are cumulative, that we build on them, but they always stay with us. I like that idea.

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