600th post: an unexciting one

{For my 600th post on this blog, I should think that I'd want to post something if not exciting, at least a little more interesting than this.}

When I left to go to work and the weather looked like this

it made me wonder why I even bothered to do my hair.

{Photo taken around 9:00 a.m., 01.26.2011. Just two hours previous, hair had decidedly more volume and had achieved the perfect curl. Alas.}


linda said...

Charlotte, I'm a blogging friend of your mom and Jill and thought I'd leave a comment and say hello!

I'd love to live in the Pacific Northwest but there's no way I could with the hair that I have. I'd be one big frizz ball 24/7. Wouldn't be a pretty picture for sure. You have no need to worry though, rain or shine, your hair looks beautiful!

Congrats on your recent wedding! I've got a 25 and 22 year old and my son(25) informed me the other day that he'd like to get engaged soon. I acted calm, cool, and collected but was jumping for joy inside! You want nothing more than for your children to find the love of their life and be happy! It looks like you've found that happiness and I know your mother is thrilled and feeling very blessed!

Take care and have a wonderful week!

jt said...

It's true- you are always beautiful!

Claire said...

Look on the bright side: you hair holds curl! And it's still pretty!

Susan said...

Bum hair days are always sad! I'm getting pretty good at dealing with humidity!

Check out the products...and, good luck!

p.s. Grandma would probably recommend a wig for ease. tee hee.

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