Josh and I spent Christmas here in Oregon with all of his family. We had so much fun spending Christmas week with his parents, siblings, and siblings-in-law. I'm continually reminded that I married into such a fun family.

Even though I love the Wilsons, the thought of not seeing my family at all over the holiday made my heart hurt. But we started looking for plane tickets a little late. So we drove to Colorado instead. It's a two-day drive, and really, it's not all that bad.

We did hit some fog on the way over.

And then we hit black ice on the way back. We spun all the way around and hit our back bumper a few times on the concrete wall of a tunnel, and both Josh and I were completely freaked out. We were in a tunnel on a blind curve, where no one could see us. The more I think about it, the more I realize that we were actually in serious danger for a bit.

Then a man named John pulled over. He works for the fire department in Winter Park and had emergency flares in his trunk. He used the flares to alert other drivers that there was an accident, and he stayed with us until the highway patrol came and temporarily stopped traffic. John was a miracle for us. I don't want to think about what could have happened if he wasn't there to indicate to other drivers that we were there.

Another miracle, our car suffered primarily cosmetic damage. Nothing mechanical. We had the tire balance checked on Sunday morning, but everything is fine. Completely fine. And Josh and I are fine. Good, actually. Really, really good.

We got back into Portland a few hours later than we'd originally planned, but we made it safe. And I'm so, so grateful for the time I could spend with my family. Driving was worth it.

Because our accident turned out a-okay, my biggest not-so-good right now? Having to wake up at 6:00 a.m. yesterday to go to work.


michelle said...

Yikes! Spinning out like that is terrifying, and quite often I am even more scared later, when I think about what might have happened. Hooray for John! And kind, helpful people everywhere.

So glad you were able to visit your family.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling of spinning out now too, it's not fun but I'm glad that you and Josh are okay :)

Jill said...

Oh my gosh, how frightening! It is so disconcerting to slide and spin around like that. I did that once while driving in hail on the freeway and ended up facing oncoming traffic, but was miraculously blessed that no one was close enough to be involved.

I'm so glad you guys are okay!

Denise said...

I won't soon forget Karen's phone call informing me that you and Josh had been in an accident. SCARY! I'm so glad that everything turned out all right (and that you had the presence of mind to snap a photo of your car in the tunnel).

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